Le Bangkok!


Le Bangkok

195 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9663 0360



Ambience: 7/10

Food: 7/10

Service: 6/10


Sorry for the lack of updates as I was busy with my parents’ visit! Thank you very much for the continual support! πŸ˜€

Having walked past Le Bangkok several times and hearing great things about it, we decided to head down for a dose of authentic Thai food! LB does not have a colourful or tacky facade like other Thai eateries have in Melbourne but it kinda pulled me in with its ‘homely’ and more classy ambience.

We started the night with a glass of Long Island iced tea each and a serve of their Roti Bread with Satay sauce. The presentation was fantastic: each piece of roti was folded nicely, making up a flower; satay sauce was thick and nutty, just the way I adore.

There were so many options available on the menu and we were lost as to what we should order. Flipping through the menu, we realised that they actually have Banquet menus on offer where diners are able to sample a few of their signature dishes! We decided on Banquet set A which started off with the classic Tom Yum soup which was really delightful but very spicy for my standard. 😦As for mains, we had Beef Red Curry with vegetables and sweet basil. The sauce was tangy and flavoursome, spicing up the white rice we were having.

The other main that we had was Cashew Chicken in sweet sauce. OMG, I literally fell in love with this dish (not that spicy), the cashews provided a different texture and the crunchiness while the chicken was tender and seasoned to perfection. NOM!By this time, we were already full and we rounded off the night with LB’s homemade coconut icecream. It was creamy but light; cleansing all the spices and deep flavours we had earlier on. You could even taste the coconut bits in there!

LB can be classified as one of those higher end Thai restaurants situated in the city. It does not make you feel queasy or sticky after visiting it. The food guarantees its authenticity and quality. I could not wait to go back for more!
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3 thoughts on “Le Bangkok!

  1. Went for 3 dinners with my sister.

    The orders were not taken properly and the reservation is not conveyed properly to us. The staff could not communicate in proper English. The table setup and the serving plates with spoon for the dishes are not there. Every time we need to use the spoon from the dining.

    The Ambiance needs a lot of improvisation and the menu needs more options. The meats and chicken tasted frozen and it did not blend with curries which we ordered. Particularly the green curry was terrible.Nothing had vegetables what you have mentioned in the menu.

    Fried fish with Sweet Chilli sauce and the coconut milk ice cream was the best but needs more effort to make it. The ice cream was not soft and it was breaking.

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