Work it at Kitchen Workshop.


Kitchen Workshop

8 Whiteman Street, Melbourne Vic 3006

Phone: (03) 9292 7856


Ambience: 6.5/10

Food: 6.5/10

Service: 5/10


Where would be a good place to indulge and enjoy the lively company of my favourite colleagues? We were runnng out of ideas when someone suggested we should go for buffett! After much research and deliberation, we decided to head to Kitchen Workshop for our long awaited department dinner!On a side note, KW does not take bookings so if there is a large group of you, I would recommend to be there early to avoid disappointment! Although we arrived half hour before the scheduled dinner time, there was already a long queue ahead of us. T_T Thankfully, the cashiers were swift and efficient, making our wait rather short? It is at 33.50 per pax including half a dozen of oysters or 500 grams of prawns. Looking at the variety available, I reckon it is value for money!

I started with Leek and Potato soup, it was not too creamy or salty. Quite pleasing to the start the palate for an exciting night ahead.

Next, the fresh and lovely oysters. With a dash of lemon, which added a delightful flavour. If only, there was tabasco available. But having them raw is pretty good too. 😀There was a counter where you can pick and choose the ingredients you want to have on your stirfry. A chef was on hand to cook it on the spot for you. I decided to go with some vegetables, onions and shallots for my beef! It was tasty and tender, however, some parts of the meat were kinda raw? There was a range of chilli available too! I like.

The beef roast was another delicious dish. The gravy matched it perfectly. Broccoli and cauliflower were too hard and had a strong buttery taste, which made the healthy vegetables fatty? 😦 The battered basa was the winner of the night. Every single one of us could not get enough of it.As for dessert, I had the vanilla icecream which was bland and  before you could get back to your table, it was melting all over. I reckon even Bulla vanilla icecream taste way better? I also had the Chocolate mousse which was too sweet! I had a mouthful and had to stop there before I OD on sugar…

Overall, it was a fantastic dining experience with all of us having lots of fun, enjoying each other’s company. However, the waiters were clearing the plates abit too quickly: sometimes even before we could finish our food. KW is also one of the cheaper buffets available in Melbourne city area with above average options and variety.  So, feel like indulging in some fresh seafood and numerous food ideas, head over to KW @ Crown!
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