Drumming to the Happy Tune at Flower Drum!


Flower Drum

17 Market Lane, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9662 3655



Ambience: 8/10

Food: 8/10

Service: 8.5/10


Sorry for the long hiatus from my blog. I have been rather busy with work, house moving and many other factors in life. A big ‘thank you’ to everyone for your continual support! HAPPY NOMING…

So, first up:

Flower Drum is a successful establishment that has weathered through decades of competitions. Many travel magazines and bloggers around the world have given high regards for FD. It is one restaurant not to be missed, so I heard. With my parents’s visit, I finally got the chance to engage myself in this fanfare. From the outside, FD looked quiet and uninteresting. Once you stepped inside, it felt as if you have been transported into another era! The decor was traditional with a deep red hue. The waiter was courteous and immediately showed us to the lift where it would bring us to the restaurant level above.

It was a whole hustle and bustle at the top level. Almost every table was filled, thankfully for my reservation, we did not have to wait long before being shown to a quiet corner to enjoy the much talked about delicacy.

We started off with S.A. King George Whiting: King George whiting fried in a crispy batter and served with fresh lemon juice and five spices salt. The fish was fresh and tender, not overly fried; maintaining its juiciness!Next up, Quail Sang Choi Bao: Minced quail meat cooked together with Chinese sausage, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots and spring onion, served in a lettuce leaf. I think it was my first time trying quail meat (besides from all the Masterchef on TV), it tasted almost like chicken and not as daunting as I thought it might be. Overall, a good mixture of textures and flavours.

As for the mains, we had the oh-so-must-have Peking Duck that was done on the spot in front of you! It added so much fun to my culinary experience. The meat was so soft and I loved the pancake accompanied by spring onions. On top of that, the sauce was not too sweet or overly salty. Just the right balance!

For an addtional $25, you can have FD’s signature, Grain Fed Eye Fillet with Black Pepper Sauce: Black Angus eye fillet beef cooked medium rare (depends on your liking) and dressed in a black pepper sauce. It was served with seasonal vegetables. The beef was done pretty well, the moment you put it in your mouth, it melts! The sauce was not overpowering but actually complemented the beef to a T.

Daddy did not want to have beef, so the waiter suggested some scallops. They were fresh and soft like marshmallows.Of course, there was the fried rice. Standard fare I must say.

Time for dessert, Daddy had Almond Beancurd with Fruit Salad which he absolutely adored.

Mummy had her favourite Mango crepe, it was sweet but not too sweet at the same time. She enjoyed it very much. 😀

Lastly, I had the Deep Fried Ice Cream which was rather mediocre. The crumble on the outside got a bit too much and sickening at the end and I ended up scooping out all the icecream! However, I still wonder how does a cold icecream get heated up and fried? Hmmm.

Before I forget, we were given some complimentary nibbles before we go!

All in all, my experience at FD lived up to my expectations (taking into account how picky my Daddy and I are with Chinese food) and I was happy with every penny spent. One last thing to mention, as I am left handed, the waiter immediately realised that and moved all my cutlery over. How sweet!

PS:You can always head down to FD for some lunch starting from $40 per pax!

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2 thoughts on “Drumming to the Happy Tune at Flower Drum!

  1. Ahhh gotta love Flower Drum! I do wish that they introduced some new dishes to their menu though… then again, I guess they know what dishes work well and which ones don’t. Love their Peking duck 🙂

    • their service is definitely impeccable and yea, they should make some changes to their menu every now and then to spruce things up! 😛 however, their signature dishes are indeed impressive… ^_^

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