Charming Little Tea Room.


The Tea Room

NGV International, 180 St Kilda Road, Melbourne Vic 3004

Phone: 03 8620 2431


Those who have been to the National Gallery of Victoria, in short, NGV, would know that it takes quite some time to go through the vast collections of exhibits. What is best to do when you want to take a break and rest your feet? Some afternoon tea would be great, did I hear an unanimous yes?!

The Tea Room is definitely the place to go, with its lovely space on level 1 and pretty decor and seats. Not only that, both their tea and food menus are extensive. Ranging from the typical western teas to asian teas.

First up, we had the Japanese green tea which was light and airy; also their classic Devonshire tea which was the standard black tea, ain’t too strong though.

Of course, we had their ‘must-have’ tea set: sadly, the scones were a tad too dry and hard for my liking even though they were warm and fresh from the oven; butter and jam were made in house; pastries were pretty all right; macarons could have been softer and more flavoursome; tarts were fine; chocolate eclair was the only highlight for me! πŸ™‚

Overall, a pleasant experience except that the waiter got my order wrong on the first round. @.@ Food wise, give me Windsor afternoon tea any time! Their scones were so much better and tastier, of course. On top of that, a better variety than The Tea Room too. In short, it is still worthy to give it a try when you are down at NGV…

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