Ello Mister Jennings!

RESTAURANT SUMMARY2015-02-20 21.38.43

Mister Jennings

142 Bridge Road

Richmond Vic 3121

Phone: (03) 9078 0113



Ambience: 7.5/10

Food: 8/10

Service: 8/10


Mister Jennings has been on my “to hit” list for ages and when’s a better occasion than your truly’s belated birthday celebration? I must say, MJ picked a rather interesting location to set up shop, Bridge Road in Richmond has long been considered one of the “dead ends” and gets really quiet at night. But chef and owner, Ryan Flaherty, has nothing to fear with an impressive CV ~ having worked at The Fat Duck in the UK; El Bulli and the Arzak laboratory in Spain and most recently with Scott Pickett at Estelle in Northcote, Melbourne. I absolutely loved and enjoyed my experience at Estelle, so finding time to meet MJ is a must. 🙂

Interior was really simple, minimalist; started the night with a yummy glass of Zweigelt/Blend ‘Pitti’ from Austria, while waiting for our table to be set. Wait staff was very friendly and knowledgeable; one of them is also a food blogger! Kinda awesome to be loving your job I would say.

So, the amazing night started with some complimentary boudin blanc in Dagwood dog style! Yummylicious housemade ketchup to go with that. NOM!2015-02-20 21.17.43

First entrée: sweet corn + pumpkin seed + lovage. Loved the popping of the corns in my mouth, everything was well balanced.2015-02-20 21.26.10

Second entrée: crab + salmorejo + chilli + black pepper. Very fresh and light!2015-02-20 21.26.39

Finally, got my hands on this legendary dish (I have been dreaming about this for a very long time!): thinly sliced frozen kangaroo + wasabi + nashi. Orgasmic much and didn’t disappoint at all! A tango of various ingredients – textures changed as you chewed, oh heaven! No other restaurants in Melbourne has experimented with something so different to date. 2015-02-20 21.42.00

First main of the night: duck + cherries + parsnip. Another outstanding dish! Duck was pink, tender and juicy, interesting addition of cherries for their tartness, looking like a plate of wonders straight from the forest, don’t you think so? How whimsical was the presentation!2015-02-20 22.03.51

Sirloin + pan juices + chips. Pink and succulent on its own; medium rare just the way I like! Would be perfect if there’s black pepper or mushroom sauce. Mustard served was kinda underwhelming, sadly. Fries were crispy and not too salty.2015-02-20 22.29.25

For those who have a sweet tooth, you’re in for a treat at MJ: chocolate + cardamon + crunch. Pretty standard, not blown away but having hot chocolate drizzled in front of you was still fun nonetheless!2015-02-20 23.10.59

Jaggery cake + apricots + double cream. Fantastic dessert and grand finale for the night; I love my carbohydrates – this sponge cake was so soft and fluffy, not overly sweet. Subtle.2015-02-20 23.11.17

Complimentary Yoyo biscuits. Buttery and creamy, I think I can have a whole bowl of these babies and not stop! So good that it’s bad! Oops.2015-02-20 23.25.22

Birthday girl’s tummy was definitely satisfied and pleased with her choice! Two thumbs up! Return? Why not? 😛

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